Snowy Battlefield

Where does love come from, and where does it go?

August, 2016.

8×11, acrylic on wooden board.


Anatomy of a Heart, for Franz Stangl

For Franz Stangl, commandant of extermination camp Treblinka, a war criminal who was very good at extricating himself from responsibility for the murder of 140,0000 human beings.

22×30, watercolor, ink, and acrylic on cold pressed 140lb Arches paper.



36×36, oil on canvas.

Poem on the backside of this painting, written by me:


drawn to the tragedy
that wears your other face
I walk away from home

all the dead along the way
have your name
my arms are tired
their bones are heavy

the dead must not be spoken to
this much you and I agree:
let them rest

so I carry them to a secret place
and sleep to forget all:
you and I and them

I press my body into them
they have nothing to say:
I have nothing to say