Series: Memorial Through Representation

Currently, I am working on a series of abstract watercolor paintings in correlation to a seminar I am taking, called The Holocaust and the Churches. The series is on going, and will have 10 paintings total.

For individual information on each painting, please scroll down to the very beginning of my blog. You will see specific reference to historical events there, with which these paintings are correlated. Here, I present what I have so far in one blog post, for easy viewing. These will be shown at Harvard Divinity School at the end of this semester. These are all size 22×30, watercolor and ink on Arches cold pressed 140lb watercolor paper – except for “Survivor,” which is 24×36, oil on canvas.

_DSC6590精修小图.jpgAnatomy of A Heart, for Franz Stangl.

_DSC6584精修小图.jpgWhere They Burn Books

_DSC6586精修小图.jpgChildren of Terezin

_DSC6588精修小图.jpgWe Were Just Following Orders

_DSC6587精修小图.jpgVoyage of the Saint Louis



440be4e0-7d59-4b99-b359-fa3c08e52f81You Have Always Been Mine